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About New York Rights Exchange LLC 


The New York Rights Exchange has been conceived for one primary reason: to provide the thousands of Americans with an opportunity and a platform to exploit their Rights and to foster innovation by making it easier to obtain Rights.

The New York Rights Exchange (NYRE) is an Internet based marketplace.  However, in a few complex cases a transaction may have to be completed offline. Because it is a marketplace, competition is a key element of its operation.  Historically, Rights holders have been limited to one offer from a potential user because a true marketplace to buy or sell did not exist.  Our platform changes those market forces and because we are Internet based the number of potential clients for any transaction increases exponentially.

NYRE provides its users with technical assistance in the preparation of applications to obtain Rights and counsel them on a strategic approach to maximize Rights potential.

Services Offered

• Valuation of Rights
• Protection of Rights
• Assistance in Filing Rights Application

The New York Rights Exchange also provides users an opportunity to search for “Rights” that may be available for exploitation.  To be able to participate in NYRE a company must be listed.


New York Rights Exchange
331 W. 57th Street, Suite 514
New York, NY 10019
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Phone: 914-953-6099